AD620 Signal Adjustable Amplifier/DC Microvolt/ Milivolt Voltage Amplifier

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1): Wide Input Range This product AD620 zoom, you can zoom microvolts mV, more accurate than the market LM358 amplification, better linearity.
2): magnification using potentiometer amplify the input signal, magnification up to 10,000 times, can be adjusted only via a potentiometer.
3): Wide power supply range 7-24V DC power supply can be entered
-Wide supply voltage range: 7-24V input
-Ultra-low input offset voltage: 50μV maximum.
-Ultra Low Input Bias Current: 1.0nA (maximum).
-CMRR: 100dB
-Ultra-low input offset voltage drift: 0.6μV / (maximum).
-Ultra-stable, time: 2μV / month maximum

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