APR33A3 Voice Recorder and Playback Module 8 Channel

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*Operating Voltage Range: 3V ~ 6.5V
*Single Chip, High Quality Audio/Voice Recording & Playback Solution.
*No External ICs Required.
*Minimum External Components.
*User Friendly, Easy to Use Operation.
*Programming & Development Systems Not Required.
*170/ 340/ 680 sec. Voice Recording Length in aPR33A1/aPR33A2/aPR33A3
*Powerful 16-Bits Digital Audio Processor.
*Nonvolatile Flash Memory Technology
*No Battery Backup Required.
*External Reset pin.
*Powerful Power Management Unit
*Very Low Standby Current: 1uA
*Low Power-Down Current: 15uA
*Supports Power-Down Mode for Power Saving.

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