BMP280 I2C / SPI Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Module

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The BMP280 sensor is an environmental sensor with temperature, barometric pressure that is the next generation upgrade to the BMP085/BMP180/BMP183. This sensor is great for all sorts of weather sensing and can even be used in both I2C and SPI.
– Pressure range: 300 ~ 1100hPa (altitude 9000 m ~ -500 m);
– Working voltage: 1.71 – 3.6VDC;
– Low power consumption: 4μA;
– High precision: at low-power mode, the resolution is 0.06hPa (0.5 meters);
– Temperature output;
– Communication interface: I2C or SPI;
typical application:
– GPS precise navigation (dead reckoning, the upper and lower bridge detection, etc.);
– indoor and outdoor navigation;
– The weather forecast;
– The vertical velocity indication (rise / sink speed);

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