Raspberry Pi 17.8 cm 7 inch LCD Capacitive Touch Screen 800 x 480 Display with HDMI-MP17001

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# Image shown is a representation only #

Touch: five-point capacitive touch

Power Dissipation: 0.74A*5V

Driver elements: A-Si TFT active matrix Display mode: Normally, Trans missive

High Resolution: 1152,000 Dots (800 x 3(RGB) x 480)

TFT Power(pin Name: 3.3V): The power of the screen is 2.8-3.3V; not use 5V, all the Pin’s voltage o

Backlight power supply (pin Name: 5V): backlight power range is 4.5-7V.

Interface Type: 16 parallel


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Weight 320 g